The French Girl


French Food.  Forget everything you’ve heard about it.  The four star chefs and restaurants, the diet fad capitalizers trying to make a buck on easy recipes you can make on your own at home.  Really. No joke. You can do it.

It is so easy to incorporate not just authentic French recipes but the lifestyle that comes with eating the heart healthy foods that so many French men and women enjoy daily.  Influences from Italy, Spain, Morocco, and our own USA, will jam pack every single recipe and post on The French Girl’s Guide to Food with ingredients you’ve heard of and instructions that anyone can follow.

Growing up with French parents, I only know how to enjoy great food, good wine, and a happy life. I spent every weekend and snow day with mom rolling dough, messing up stir frys, puffing up cakes, and slicing up a perfectly barbecued steak. I worked my first job as a barista, making my way up to general restaurant manager by age 20. Various roles in the industry, such as Catering Director and Pastry Chef, give me the perspective of all sides of the business. Most recently, I opened my own catering business in 2011, cooking for a range of clients, including CNBC’s Jim Cramer, and Top Chef Host, Padma Lakshmi.

By no means is my guide a diet fad, its real life.  I eat what I want, I enjoy meal times, and never count calories, because its not always about what we consume but how we consume it.

So enjoy this blog, and hopefully much more from me to come.  Until then, live an even happier life by staying positive and keep cooking!

A votre santé!

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