Wedge Salad – How to Cut Iceberg Lettuce

You love to order that infamous wedge salad on restaurant menus (parked closely next to the menu staple, caesar salad) and indulge in the blue cheese slathered dish. But think about how much you could have it a home with a few simple cuts of a head of iceberg lettuce? At times, it seems the simplest of tricks to some are unknown to many others, and thus this 2 minute, easy how to, to get your wedge salad started.

Iceberg has such a bad reputation of being an ingredient with low nutritional value, particularly when compared to other lettuce or salad varieties such as romaine or spinach. In truth, iceberg is packed with vitamin A, essential for good vision and immune health, as well as potassium, which helps to regulate our heart and nervous system. Of course, eating one little wedge salad won’t save your life, but its a great alternative to incorporate this super crunchy green into our diets.

Here is a word of caution: although delicious, most restaurant wedge salads are slathered with bleu cheese dressing, which is packed with fat. Stick to a few blue cheese crumbles and a little oil and vinegar to keep this salad relatively healthy. Traditional toppings include bacon, fresh tomato, and scallions, but feel free to modify with low sodium ham if you’re watching your bacon intake. If you must, enjoy the heavily dressed version sparingly to keep your waistline in check. In the meantime, check out my video tutorial on how to clean iceberg lettuce for a wedge and beyond!

Where have you enjoyed your favorite version of the wedge salad? Leave your comments below!

À votre santé!


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