Vintage Aprons: How Looking the Part Can Get You Cooking

SAMSUNG CSC  It always amazed me how many people come to me and say they can’t stand cooking. A little chuckle or nervous laughter follows with a comment about how their idea of cooking is poking holes in the plastic packaging and pressing a couple buttons on their microwave. Yet, we had just discussed how badly they want to lose weight and be healthy. Something just doesn’t compute for me. There is NO WAY that anyone can be healthy if you don’t make some sort of effort to “cook” for yourself. For all of you non-cooks out there, this is the time to start making some changes in the kitchen if you want to get healthy!

SAMSUNG CSCBaby steps. For most of us women, simple changes in the way we look and dress can do wonders on our mindset. The simple fact of dressing in clothing that does not contain a significant amount of spandex and includes doing our hair and applying some makeup can really change the way we feel about ourselves. Believe it or not, this concept applies to cooking as well. I can’t tell you how one little wardrobe accessory can make you want to do something that you never thought you would do.  While most of us have scraped the apron as a result of (likely) the empowerment of women back in the days of bra-bonfires, I say, bring them back!

Fortunately for me, on my recent trip to Montreal, my great aunt had a slew of vintage aprons neatly folded and stacked in a drawer that she never opened. It was almost like finding a new kind of Mecca, packed with these adorable accessories I couldn’t wait to don for my new videos and more to come. For the average woman, busy with school, kids, full time jobs, social lives, and more, a discovery like this may not mean much. But to me, this was the motivation I was looking for. The second one of these aprons come on, I’m in the zone, ready to create recipe after recipe that I hope to share with all of you.

SAMSUNG CSCMost importantly, how can it help YOU get cooking? Think about how confident you feel just coming out of the hair salon or after purchasing a new outfit or pair of shoes. Amazing, right? Well how might you feel if you put on that adorable apron you found at the vintage shop, or ordered one of these cute pieces from You may just want to get cooking! Now, in truth, this is not the be all, end all solution for getting cooking. There are a slew of things that you could be doing that make cooking seem more like a chore than something fun. But looking the part is a great place to start and mentally prepare yourself to make that change. Give yourself, and your family, the chance to truly start getting healthy by taking one little step in the right direction.

SAMSUNG CSCAn in the meantime, check out some simple recipes from your favorite websites and celebrity chefs with only a handful of ingredients. Or perhaps pick up a vegetable dish recipe to get you on the healthy eating track. There’s always time and room to improve and develop your skills. Take your time and learn to love your kitchen and I guarantee it will start loving you back.

À votre santé!


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